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Cavalier Tails – Snicker’s Story

Ooh, me, me!  Hey, it’s me, Snickers!  It’s my turn to tell you my story!


I began my life at a very reputable breeder in Harvard, IL. I had brothers and sisters to play with and we had lots of fun. When I was 12 weeks old, a man and lady came to visit my home.  They were watching us play for a while.  Then the lady sat down on the floor.  I went up to her and crawled up on her lap.  She petted me and I liked that.  Then I would go back and play some more then go back by the lady.  She was very nice and gave good snuggles.  I liked her!  I stopped playing and stayed on her lap and snuggled with her.  I found out they came to visit us to see all of us and choose one of us to go home with them.  I was the lucky pup!  I went home with Chris & Clay Farrell on February 24, 2011.  I am now 7 years old! Later on I learned a bit more of their story.  The Farrells wanted to adopt a Cavalier after doing a lot of research on our breed. Chris checked on what to look for in a breeder and had researched breeders online and was impressed with the bio of my birthplace – they were very reputable.  Chris called and talked to my first mom and then they decided to come down and check out our place.  The rest is history, she said.


My new mom and dad lived in the country. Lots of room to play and run!  The biggest adjustment I had was being the only dog in the house.  I didn’t have any playmates.  I missed my brothers and sisters and would cry at night when I was put in my crate.  My new mom would then put me on the bed until I fell asleep then put me back in my crate.  I loved being snuggled up with her.  After about 4 nights of this Mama Chris fell asleep without putting me back in my crate.  I’ve been sleeping with my mom and dad ever since then.




Mom says when they coined the term “social butterfly” they must have had me in mind.  I do flit from place to place with Mom and Dad!  After being with my mom and dad for a week, they took me to a petting zoo.  I go with them anywhere that dogs are allowed to go.  Some of those places are the bank, the hardware store, the pharmacy, the ice cream stand…sometimes I get treats!  Yum!  How fun!




Mom and Dad took me to obedience classes.  They were fun and I got what they call “training treats” when I did a good job.  I have to admit I don’t always remember everything I learned there. 

I love everyone and enjoy sharing love wherever I go.  My mom and dad thought I would be a good therapy dog and I am now a registered therapy dog, as well as my Aunt Louise.


Oh, I forgot to fill you in on Aunt Louise!  When I was two, my best friend, Tuga, moved away.   Mom and Dad didn’t want me to be lonely so they found a wonderful companion for me – Louise!  She is my playmate and my snuggle buddy!  Louise just happens to be my real life aunt. Now, keeping in mind that Louise is my aunt, and her name is Louise after all, take two guesses what my canine mom’s name is…yup, my mom’s name is Thelma.  My dad’s name and my uncle’s name are Starsky and Hutch!  I have a famous family!


My human family consists of Mom and Dad.  I had a human brother for several years, but he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to a better place.  I still miss him terribly sometimes. 






My favorite things are:

  • Toys – first and foremost are my tennis balls! Secondly, anything that makes noise, squeaky toys, door stops, Mom’s bear which sings “Wild Thing.”

  • Food – they get “Call of the Wild” to feed us, but I will eat anything – I’m not picky!


  • Activity – snuggling with Mom and my therapy work are the most important to me. When they pull out my therapy harness, I get excited and start quivering in anticipation of going to work!  I love it!


Life with my human family involved lots of hugs, kisses and snuggling.  We go for lots of walks and I get shown off all the time because I’m just so darned cute!  One thing I do wish for is that my mom and dad would spend more time with Louise and me.  They both work regular jobs.  They really should be home with Louise and me to cuddle with us ALL day long!  They say they have to work to keep us fed with our yummy food and treats and our fun toys to play with, so I guess we have to let them go to work.


My life is good.  Dad give the most treats by far!  Everyone cuddles me but I love Mom’s cuddles the bestest!


I love my life because…I get all the love I can handle.  Mom and Dad treat me like I am a very special boy.  I get to visit people in my work, I get ice cream treats sometimes, but most of all – I get lots of cuddles!


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  1. Shirley Janke 4 years ago

    Dearest Cavaliers friends. What a heartwarming story. The two of you sound like the perfect family for Stickers, especially to prepare him to be a therapy dog.

    I am 61 and disabled. My dream is to have a Cavaliers in 2 -3 years for the love of Cavaliers and as a therapy dog. I know I will be allowed to take a therapy dog wherever I go, but had not contiplated yet how to do that. Your description in your tale of taking him wherever dogs are allowed, including to get treats like ice cream, is just what I needed to learn.

    I live in South Milwaukee. I look forward to your and Snicker’s future posts.

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