Cavalier Tales

Cavalier Tales – Lily’s Story

Hi!  My name is Lily, the one and only!

I was born on February 24, 2017.  I have been a standout since the day I was born as I was the only Blenheim and the largest pup in my mom’s litter.  I had two littermates – my brother and sister, who were tri-colors.  We all had beautiful markings.  I was born in the home of Jan Smith of Fulrath Mills Cavaliers in Mt. Carroll, IL. 

Little did I know my fate was in the paws of my half-sister, Lola.  We have the same daddy.  Lola is the fur baby of David and Kristin Riemersma.  David’s father, Dirk, was planning to retire and the family decided it was time that they fill their empty nest with their own fur baby.  A fur baby would be a special retirement gift for him.  Dirk and his wife, Mary, fell head over heels over Lola and they decided it was time for them to have a Cavalier of their own.  Lola made the trip to Fulrath Mills with the Riemersma’s. 

Dirk and Mary knew they wanted a girl – why not?  We are so sweet!  They decided that Lola would make the choice between my tri-color sister and me.  Lola was given two tennis balls, one for the tri-color female and one for the Blenheim (me!).   The balls were set on the floor and guess what?  Lola chose the Blenheim ball – my ball!  Can you imagine!  Dirk and Mary said they still laugh about that!

My new life began on May 7, 2017.  I was 10 weeks old and ready to go to my new home with my pink blanket in tow.  My blanket smelled like my brother and sister (Biscuit and Bella) and it made me feel safe.  What a long drive to Sheboygan!  Lola had come along on the trip as David and Kristin had joined Dirk and Mary for the long drive.  She helped me be brave.  It was a family affair!

I had a big job ahead of me. Dirk and Mary have been married 37 years and never had a dog!  I had to start training them right away as they had a lot to learn.  Lesson one – if you leave shoes laying around, the inner soles belong to me.  I will pull them out and chew them; it’s a dog thing.  This is how you get more toys!  To save their shoes, they purchased a chicken flavored nylabone for me.  Yum!  I loved it!  They passed the first training level. 

The big backyard is my domain – there is plenty of room to play, catch Frisbees in the snow and a deck to sun on and relax.  We live close to the beach (only 6 blocks away) so we can walk there and then I get to run free on the sand!  The water looks pretty but it isn’t for me.  My dad likes to watch me run on the beach.  We Cavaliers are beautiful when we run with our ears flying behind and our tails up in the air!  Daddy knows I am happy and I know I am loved. He spoils me.  I’ve trained him to be generous with treats – he gives me a treat, I give him a kiss.

Mom and Dad took me to beginning puppy training classes at the local dog training club.  We tried going several times. Thank goodness I am a quick learner because I didn’t like training classes. It was hard to concentrate with all those big dogs watching me. I am a social girl and adorable so it was hard for them to focus at class.  They said that Jan from Fulrath Mills Cavaliers worked hard on socializing, crate and leash training and acclimating the puppies to different environmental situations and that contributed to my being such a quick learner.

I have quite the social life!  We take road trips to visit Lola, who lives in Pewaukee.  She is my best friend.  We have lots of play dates together!   I have some other friends, too – Pepe, Rico and Gracie.  They are the fur babies to Dirk & Mary’s other son and his wife, Brett and Amy and their children.  I especially enjoy playing with Gracie.  I also play with the grandkids, Zoe, Mayson and Sophie!  I think they are grand, too, and fun!

Some of my favorite things are:

  • Toy – a superchew, chicken-flavored nylabone.
  • Food – egg!
  • Shoes – the innersoles of shoes, boots and slippers. Mom’s shoes are the best and she has the most to choose from!  When Mom forgets to close the closet door, I use my super exploring abilities and find her favorite shoes to attack!

My wishes:

  • One day I want to be a therapy dog and visit my mom’s school like Stevie get to do, have my own mailbox at the school and get mail and love hugs from all the kids.
  • I hope Mom and Dad understand that I want another doggie to play with here at home. Mom says that might happen when she retires.  I hope that is soon!


I have a wonderful life.  Daddy is home with me and we enjoy every day.  I keep him busy and have trained him to be the best dog owner ever.  I sleep in their bed and sleep right next to my daddy.  It is good to be loved and I am a lucky girl. Thanks Lola for picking my ball!

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