Cavalier Tales

Cavalier Tales – Molly’s Story

My life started happily with brothers and sisters and a mother who loved us all, but all too soon my world changed.

Our mother was taken away and my family disappeared. I was alone and scared. My life as a breeder in a puppy mill had begun. I had beautiful puppies but they were taken away so fast I could not give them all the love they needed. Finally, after 8 years my body gave out and I was done having puppies. My world so far was a cage, being pregnant, having babies, having my babies taken away too soon. I knew no kindness, no sunshine, and no happiness.

Then again, my world changed

Suddenly I was in a place people called an auction house. There were cages all around me with all different dogs in them. There was a lot of loud yelling and I was so afraid.  After the loud yelling gentle hands lifted me and I was being held and talked to! I never had a name before but now I was Koki. I was so afraid, but a kind lady from GCCR told me I was beautiful and I would be happy for the rest of my life. Several other Cavaliers were put in a car with me and off we went to new lives!

After a busy few days at the Veterinary clinic, where I was checked over and had all my rotten teeth removed, I went to a home. I had a foster mom named Cathy who was kind and patient. I had a soft bed and good food. Cathy pampered me, I was learning what love meant, and I liked it.
Then again, my world changed.

One day a lady came to visit with her Cavalier, Pippin. He was very handsome and the lady was kind and gentle. Papers were signed and I was in a car again! I curled up next to Pippin because he seemed very brave, and I was so afraid.


My name was changed to Molly, because the lady’s son thought I looked like a Molly. My legs were weak from living in a crate for so long, but now I got stronger and stronger. After two weeks I could jump on the big sofa myself, it was my favorite place. I had many bad memories and fears. I wanted to trust these nice people but it was too soon.

My memories began to fade and I loved being with my family. We took long trips in the car to a home far away. It was fun there and we walked on beautiful trails and there was a screen porch with a cozy bed just for me.


My best friend, Pippin didn’t wake up one morning and my Mom cried. I was lonely and Mom and I went to visit my foster Mom, Cathy. We met a nice Cavalier named Marty. I had to be the brave one now because Marty was so afraid, he was from a puppy mill too.


Now I have been to parties with other Cavaliers and met so many nice people and Cavaliers! My other brother, Jesse, joined our family so I have two brothers to play with. We all live in South Carolina now. I sleep a lot, my heart got too big so I take pills. I think it is because my heart is so filled with love.



My bad memories have faded and my life is wonderful. I take walks and sleep on the bed. Mom makes special treats for me, and I watch the squirrels play in the trees. For however long I have I will be loved and treasured.


I will be 12 this year and plan on making it a great year!



Molly’s Story written by Louise Spheeris


  1. Louise S 6 years ago

    You are doing a great job Melissa! This site is going to be wonderful to keep everyone connected.

  2. Kristine Tank 6 years ago

    Hi there……am a hairstylist….and my client told me about your site!….i have 2 kc cavaliers!…..i was trying to find you on facebook?…..could you tell me your page name?

    • admin 6 years ago

      Click on one of the fb icons and it should take you there. Glad you found us here.

  3. Shirley Janke 5 years ago

    Dearest Molly;

    I am so very happy you have a forever home with such a loving family. The bad memories of the nightmare world of the puppy mill will all go away one day, while you continue to blossom into who you can be: happiness and love itself. You are a Cavalier, dear. That means you are love itself. Say hi to your mummy for me, will you? Thank you for that, dear. Good night, for now. Love, Shirley.

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