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Maverick – My Top Gun Story


 My Top Gun Story

By Louise Spheeris

There I was, six months old and still no forever home. My breeder put my picture (a very handsome picture), in the classifieds for all to see.

My dashing good looks caught the eye of a lady named Melissa who arranged for a meet up.

My hopes were high as my breeder was probably not the best of owners.

I was itching to get to a new home…

…and I mean really itching.

As it turned out the itching was caused by   fleas that made themselves at home on me and wanted to come along.

But my new Mom could not resist my charm and the fleas and I were off to that perfect forever home!

As we drove away from the Fleet Farm parking lot where we met, I knew my life was going to change forever. I was going places!

Arriving at my new home my Mom swung into action. She treated my double ear infections (not my fault), and insisted the fleas needed to relocate.  They were banished. I don’t miss them.

All cleaned and cured I was enjoying the new toys, and my very own squeaky cell phone, who knew there were such things! Lucky me, I now had two people to snuggle with. My Dad and Mom named me Maverick so I must be their Top Gun.

My intelligence impressed my new Mom and Dad, so off to school I went.

At Go Over Rover I studied basic and advanced, (yes advanced), Obedience, Agility, and Flyball. Not to brag but I know over 25 commands and I am still learning!

They hit the jackpot with me!

I’m a lover, and spending time with seniors and people with special needs is my special love. I always remember how it felt to be lonely and don’t want anyone else to feel that way, so I share the love I have inside.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. In my case my curveball was named Belle.

Belle, the cat, was my dear friend for a long time but then she grew and grew. She should have stopped because now she is so big she scares me. This problem is caused by the excellent food we get.

I have a talent for eating. I have been known to jump on the table (that’s the talent part), and open the zipper on my camping pack. Then I can devour 5 days’ worth of food in one sitting! You would think they would focus on the zipper opening, also a talent, but no they just focus the consumption of the food.

What a life I have! We go boating, hiking, take trips, have meet ups with friends, plenty of nap time and I have a sister, Amelia. She is a great sister but since this is about me she will have to wait her turn for her own story. I will say she is bossy but my dad takes care of me, it’s a guy thing. There are also 3 cats living here. I keep my eye on them. I really hope they won’t get too big. I am now 11 years old now and life is good



For I am the king of this home

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